Really Clever Virals

North America's Organic Trade Association has produced a very clever viral movie called 'Store Wars'. No prizes for guessing the source of their inspiration! It's well worth taking a look at what they've done.

meatrix_poster.gifIt's second only to another movie inspired viral that also explores the impact of industrial farming, 'The Meatrix '. The very funny and informative Meatrix animated movie is backed up with lots of information on the issue, suggestions for how to take action and opportunities to stay in touch with public interest organisations oppossed to factory farming.

Both virals have been produced by Free Range Graphics, a US based communications agency specialising in work for the not for profit sector. The Free Range Studio combines cutting edge design, both on line and in print with a real appreciation of the issues on which their clients are working and what design can do to help deliver changes in awareness and ultimately in policy and practice.

The Meatrix is a product of the first Free Range Flash Activism Grant. In February of 2003, Free Range Graphics, invited non-profit organizations to apply for free production of a Flash movie. After reviewing more than 50 applications, the grant was awarded to GRACE (Global Resource Action Center for the Environment). Free Range were attracted to idea of producing a viral movie for GRACE in part because reform of the farming industry would mean significant gains in many of the areas Free Range fights for: health, food safety, economic justice, workers' rights, environmental integrity and animal rights.

They're offering up to $15,000 worth of design services to public interest organisations again this year and you can read more about applying by clicking here