Mental note: must try harder

100best.jpgThis blog has just been listed, at number 51 no less, in Jim Jay's list of 100 Best Green Blogs. Jim's criteria were design; frequency of posting; writing ability; personality; comment; humour; range; interaction; popularity and independence of thought. I wouldn't be so bold as to presume how I did on any of the above criteria apart from the fairly straightforward question of 'frequecy of posting' and on that front I can  definitely say that I've not done very well at all.

So on the basis that there are so few people posting to the green blogosphere that my paltry offerings have made it in to the top 100 then I'm going to try harder. And if you're reading this you'll be happy to hear that I'm not just going to work on increasing the number of posts but also to writing better, more humourous, independent pieces across a broader range of topics. I'm determined to get  into the top 20 next year!

Jim's top ten include a range of excellent blogs, all of which I'd encourage you to have a look at:

  1. Kitchen Witch, who by (cunningly) writing well, humourously and above all consistently has developed a small blog community around KW. This blog has the absolute honour of being named best green blogger 2006.
  2. Peter Tatchell
  3. George Monbiot
  4. The Past; Present; and Future
  5. Philobiblon
  6. Paul Kingsnorth
  7. Earthquake Cove
  8. Life is complicated but beautifully simple
  9. Caroline Lucas
  10. Making Waves