We don't need another nuclear bomb!








By 6.30am on Monday morning I was on a train from London Waterloo to Berkshire. And I wasn't alone. In fact I was joined in my early morning  jaunt into the English countryside by over 400 other indviduals who like me were on their way to the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) facility at Aldermaston.

We were there to carry out the world's largest ever inspection of a nuclear weapons factory, following reports that Tony Blair is building a new nuclear weapon. Strong evidence suggests that some 1 billion pounds worth of new weapons facilities are being buil, including a giant new laser, for use in simulating nuclear tests at the same time as hundreds of new nuclear weapons scientists are also being recruited.

These moves at Aldermaston come at a time when the British public has been assured that no decision has yet been reached by the Government about the replacement of the UK's nuclear weapons system Trident.

Last week, eminent international lawyer Philippe Sands issued a legal opinion, warning that Tony Blair will probably break the same international treaties he says Iran and North Korea must abide by, if he pushes ahead with his desire to renew Trident. A summary of Professor Sands' legal advice was one of the things that the 400 citizen inspectiors provided to the authorities at Aldermaston, warning them they risk breaking the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Despite the intermittent rain it was a fun and I think useful event, the first in what I hope will be more and more efforts to raise public awareness of the folly of Britain's nuclear weapons program.

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