The earth under threat

Planet Earth Under Threat (PEuT) is, albeit in the words of the BBC, a "landmark Radio 4 series" to be broadcast in the Autumn of 2006, presented by Gabrielle Walker.

The reason I'm bringing this to your attention is that I participated in an debate the show hosted this evening at the Royal Society in London. The topic was of course global warming, which saw a four strong panel lead a spirited discussion with lots of audience participation.

What was amazing was the fact that all of the players, including even the chairman of old (nee nuclear) energy provider EDF, recognised the need for a massive overhaul of the policy and fiscal framework for energy generation and provision. There was also a strong consensus of the vital importance of decentralising energy.

Wearing my new Greenpeace hat I intervened to underscore the difference between old, inefficient, centralised, fosil fuled energy and decentralised, efficient, renewable and above all democratic energy.  

Don't get me wrong, there was plenty of disagreement, including the fact that the vast majority of the audience wanted to rule new nuclear power generation out, and no one on the panel shared that view.

It's too late and I'm too ritred to do justice to the discussion so if you're really interested watch this space and I'll post a link to the show when it goes live in a couple of weeks. In the mean time you can listen to the episodes that have already gone to air on the Planet Earth under Threat website.