Marching to Stop the War

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It was biterly cold on Saturday morning in London but that didn't stop about 80,000 people from gathering outside Westminster and marching to Trafalagr Square for the Stop the War March.

Protests were held on the same day in over 200 cities throughout the world including Baghdad, Basra, New York, Madrid, Rome, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Dublin. 

Huey and I marched in London because we wanted to bear public witness once again to our opposition to UK participation in the war in Iraq. I almost always find participating in activities like anti-war marches a worthwhile and rewarding experience. The sense of shared endeavour and of 'doing something', espeically something so public is very affirming, and this was certainly the case on Saturday. We gravitated to the beats of the samba band that was marching and ended up dancing along the streets of central London in the name of peace and in opposition to Bush and Blair's war mongering. It was all extremely energising and exciting, and we weren't nearly as cold when we finished!

anti-war march jor.jpg

anti war march huey.jpegHuey and I taking turns to hold our placard at the march on Saturday.


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