Giant elephant seen in central London

resized elephant 1.jpgThe streets of central London were closed last weekend for a surprise visit by a five storey high elephant and a similarly sized girl. The visit wasn't such a surprise, it had in fact been being planned for over a year and is estimated to have cost about 1 million British Pounds. On the basis of the reactions of the crowd that turned up to see it was well worth the hefty price tag.

The spectacle that graced Trafalgar Square, the Mall and Piccadily was created by theatrical magicians Royal de Luxe from France.

The Sultan’s Elephant was brought to London by Artichoke, a creative company founded by Helen Marriage and Nicky Webb who both serve the city's appreciation for their energy and determination in bringing such a fantastic thing to the streets of the UK's capital.

The most amazing thing about the elephant was that it wasn't on wheels, it actually walked, one beautifully synchronised mechanical leg at a time.

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