Repreive for Amazon


In my last post I talked about the destruction of the amazon rainforest by soya animal feed producers. A Greenpeace investigation showed how soya is transported from the Amazon to an illegally built port facility in the town of Santarem - owned by US company Cargill - before being shipped to Europe to be fed to animals for McDonald's meat. Greenpeace investigators tracked shipments from Santarem to Liverpool, then followed and photographed Brazilian soya cargoes as they were delivered to chicken farms that supply McDonald's across Europe.

Greenpeace's report, Eating Up the Amazon, detailed how McDonald's and other companies were implicated in deforestation, land-grabbing, slavery and violence. Their subsequent campaign involved chickens visiting McDonalds and thousands of emails by supporters to the company's leadership.

In an historic deal that has impacts far beyond the golden arches and into the global agricultural market, McDonald's is now the leading company in the campaign to halt deforestation for the expansion of soya farming in the Amazon. McDonald's and other big food retailers have worked with us to develop a zero deforestation plan. The plan will also help bring an end to the land-grabbing and social injustice that is rife in the Amazon.

Unfortunately some companies are still refusing to play ball. KFC have point-blank refused to discuss their role in Amazon destruction and so we need to show them how isolated they're becoming.

Greenpeace are encouraging consumers to email the Colonel and tell him that if Ronald McDonald can help protect the Amazon so can he.