Labor takes government in Australia


After 11 years in the electoral wilderness Australian Labor have been swept into Government with an overall swing of at least 6% and a majority of over 20 seats. This is very exciting news for all thinking, fair minded Australians. The last 11 years has been dominated by a narrow, selfish, parochial and extremely conservative Prime Minister.

Labor Leader Kevin Rudd defnitely has a different outlook. Throughout the election he's championed education, public health care, decisive action on climate change and a very different approach to the rights of employees at work which were emasculated under the conservatives.

The election also sees the Australian Greens take the balance of power in the Senate, Australia's upper house. The Greens, as they have in the past, will push Labor to take an even more progressive stance on a range of key issues, which can only be a good thing.

And even more good news, it looks likely that John Howard will not only lose government but also his own seat, which hasn't happened to a Prime Minister since 1929. Labor ran the high profile journalist Maxine McKew against Howard, which was a very good decision indeed.