Revisiting The Meatrix


I bloggd about Sustainable Table's viral film The Meatrix when I saw it a some time ago. It hit the internet by storm and was greeted with critical acclaim. The Free Range Graphics team that along with Sustainable Table's parent organisation the Global Resource Action Centre for the Environment put the original together, have been at it again and have produced Meatrix II: Revolting which focuses on the dairy industry and Meatrix II 1/2 which looks at what factiory farmed meat is fed.

They are both just as entertaining and even more informative as the first Meatrix, so they are well worth watching.

The films are supported by the Meatrix website which offers comprehensive information on industrial agriculture issues via The Meatrix 360° interactive feature. You can roll a cursor over objects on a factory farm and the surrounding area to discover what the issues are and click on the objects to go inside for more in-depth information.

The Meatrix has been produced for US consumers so some of the issues it raises, such as the use of artificial growth hormone rBGH,  which increases cow milk yield, isn't relevant in Europe, where rBGH is already banned. But that said there is plenty of to learn by watching the film and either way its very entertaining.

More information:

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