Corporate killers: an expose

WKtEC_DVD5.JPGI'm no fan of cars or of driving. But as much as I'd like to see comprehensive changes to our cities and communities so that cars were only required for personal transporation as an absolute last resort,  I recognise that we've got a long way to go. In the mean time there is clearly lots more we can do to minimise the social and environmental harm that cars cause.  Better fuel efficiency, stricter emissions controls and alternative fuels all have an important part to play in minimising the impact of cars, especially on air quality and of course global warming.

The emergence of electric cars was a boon to these efforts, but unfortunately a short lived one.

Who Killed the Electric Car? the movie chronicles the life and mysterious death of the GM EV1, the world's first eclectic car. A whodunnit about cars, the people who love them, the companies that build them and fuel them up, the governments that regulate them, and the fight for our future, it's also much more. The movie compellingly demonstrates the lengths to which corporations will go to thwart innovation, product development, manufacture and sales that they oppose. It's a salutory lesson in the pathology of much corporate behaviour and at the same time an inspring insight into the dedication of the consumer activists who are still fighting for electric cars in the United States.

The movie has boosted their efforts and a number of U.S. car manufacturers are now working on the marketing of plug-in hybrids.

I saw Who Killed the Electric Car? at a special screening organised by Greenpeace, but its actually out now on DVD.

You can buy a copy from amazon by clicking here.