G8, the world can't wait

G8_London_Rally.jpgOn wednesday of this week world leaders will meet at the 2007 G8 summit in Germany. It's a pretty important occasion because it marks the half-way point to the deadline of 2015 for halving poverty. However unless the rich nations take more decisive action, we will fail to meet the goals and fail those in poverty.
Make Poverty History's successor the World Can't Wait Coalition organised a rally in London yesterday as part of its efforts to keep the pressure up on G8 countries.
Huey and I went along to lend our support. 
The World Can't Wait's demands of the G8 include:

- Ensure full debt cancellation for all the countries that need it, deliver the aid that was promised in 2005 and go further, without imposing harmful conditions,

- Ensure that international trade deals are just, and help reduce poverty by not forcing poor countries to open their markets to unfair competition or destroying decent work,

- Provide funds to deliver education, clean water, sanitation, and healthcare for all, including meeting your promise that no one should go without treatment for AIDS by 2010,

- Take action to limit global average temperature increase to far below 2°C, and provide funds to help poor countries develop sustainably and adapt to climate change.



Organisers of a sister rally in Northern Germany said nearly 80,000 joined the march there. Carrying everything from simple flags and banners to shoulder mounted giant replicas of the G8 leaders, activists marched peacefully from Rostock's central station to the harbour. Chanting slogans they called on the G8 leaders to act to end a history of broken promises to the world's poor. 

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