Hot off the press...


I've recently finished editing the latest edition of BookLinks, a networking newsletter for indviduals and organisations interested in literacy, education and the creation of literate environments in developing countries, which is published by Book Aid International.

In addition to being the editor of the publication as a whole I made two contributions, 'Primary Committments' outlines how Book Aid intends to deliver on its new commitment to improve the quality of universal primary education in Africa. It identifies various challenges related to books in formal education in developing countries, including availability, appropriateness, accessibility and use and includes examples of what the Children's Book Project in Tanzania is doing to tackle each of these challenges.

Along with the Guardian's children's editor Julia Eccleshare, I also co-wrote 'Family Matters' on the contribution that family focussed book provision and supported learning could make to literacy and school preparedness in the developing world.

Let me know what you think.