New Year Greetings

quentin blake_smaller.jpg

At the start of another year, like most of us, I’m thinking about the last twelve months and what I want for the coming year.

My partner and I joke about our recurring resolutions: to learn a new language and go to the gym. We’ve dropped them from our lists but still harbour a secret desire to accomplish both.

The fact that like almost everyone I know, I find myself voicing the same wishes, hopes and fears for the year ahead as I have every year I remember is not necessarily a bad thing. I suspect it points to the things of importance and value which endure, like our desires for friendship, health, happiness and new experiences.

Despite my consistent failure to get to the gym and master new languages I’m lucky enough to have all of these things in abundance and feel the utmost gratitude to the people and circumstances which have and continue to make that possible.

So I want to share my appreciation and gratitude for all the experiences and opportunities I have in 2011. I’ve got lots of aspirations for 2012 but they’re not developed enough and I’m not confident enough to share them here. Suffice to say that if the more public ones come to fruition I’ll share them here.

The illustrations I posted at the start of this post were by the amazing and much loved illustrator Quentin Blake whose work I adore. He’s a supporter of Survival International and produced the cards for them to sell.

Survival was founded in 1969, following an article by Norman Lewis in the Sunday Times Magazine about the genocide of Brazilian Indians. Since then Survival has been helping tribal peoples protect their lives, lands and human rights and deserves widespread support.