Let every child have a name

In some parts of Africa, families don’t name their children until the threat of measles has past. That threat disappears entirely when children are vaccinated, and a child can be vaccinated for a single dollar. I was so inspired by the dedication and passion of health workers and families in the Congo, and I hope their illustrated stories will inspire others to get involved. Together we can support their efforts and work to end measles, and let every child have a name.
— Sophie Blackall

Sophie Blackall is a Brooklyn based Australian artist who has illustrated over twenty books for children. ‘Ruby’s Wish’ which tells the story of a young girl’s fight to get an education in China, is a long standing favorite in our house.

However, I really only came to know the extent of Sophie’s work after discovering her illustrations for the Measles and Rubella Initiative.

Her exhibit “Let Every Child Have a Name: The Road to a World Without Measles” was inspired by her journey to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she spent time with the families and health workers affected by measles.

Her illustrations really capture the work of the Initiative and have been greeted with enthusiastic responses wherever they've been displayed. They have also raised awareness and funding for the fight against measles.

I was so impressed I asked her is she’d like to do something similar for the International Children’s Book Initiative in Rwanda and I’m delighted to say that she said yes.

So I won’t reveal a whole lot more just yet except to say I’m very excited about working with Sophie in support of the work of the Children’s Book Initiative in Rwanda.

You can read and watch more about Sophie’s work with the Measles and Rubella Initiative here and view all of the pieces from 'Let every child have a name' below.