The longest street in the world

I’m a big fan of the TV show Sesame Street and of Sesame Workshop the non-profit organisation behind the show and all its other shows and projects that together have become a worldwide educational phenomenon, reaching millions of children in more than 150 countries.

sesame interactive_001.png

Sesame Street harnesses the power of television and now other media in the service of young children’s learning. It delivers important knowledge of literacy and numeracy along with crucial lessons about health, emotional well-being, and respect and understanding to help kids grow up healthy, happy, and at home in their world.

So I was really interested in a case study on theAIGA website that looked at the process of developing an interactive story board for the offices of the Sesame Workshop.

Sesame Workshop were looking to create an interactive table at their New York City headquarters that quickly communicated their mission and diverse programs to visitors. The challenge was how to communicate these concepts to visitors and take advantage of the table as a digital canvas.

I liked reading about the agency Second Story Interactive Studios process and seeing the drawings that accompanied the different stages.

sesame interactive_002.jpg

The characters of Sesame Street itself were a major source of inspiration. In a 1969 video pitch to PBS, before the show was established, Kermit and Ralph brainstormed ideas for the show title and came up with “Sesame Street,” based on the magical phrase “open sesame” from Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. This name suggests a place where doors open to a treasure-filled room. The motion and interactive designs were intended to reflect this idea of an environment filled with surprises and I think they capture it beautifully.

sesame interactive_003.jpg

A video of the final interactive is available here.