New brand for old charity


The UK-based Donkey Sanctuary was registered as a charity in 1973 and is now the world's largest donkey and mule charity with an annual budget of £24m ($31.4 million). Since its formation by Dr. Elisabeth Svendsen MBE, the charity has provided a sanctuary for life for 14,500 donkeys and mules. It works across 28 countries and provides 400,000 treatments to donkeys every year.

I was really impressed with the Allotment's re-branding of the charity which you can see some of here.

I think the designs pull on all the right heartstrings. The look, feel and tone of voice allows the charity to turn up the volume of emotion depending upon the audience and our desired response. At one point, the branding might be used to introduce the audience to a distressing advertisement that brings home the reality of mistreated animals. At another point, the same branding is used at The Donkey Sanctuary to welcome guests whose engaging experience on site could lead them to adopting one of these lovable creatures. 

The Donkey Sanctuary sometimes comes in for criticism for securing more funding and support than various human focused charities. Needles to say care and compassion know no limits and the comparison is spurious. 

I suspect the re-brand will only help the charity communicate its vital work better and hope it does. 

You can read more about the process and strategy for the re-brand in an excellent case study on the AIGA site.